Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot in the City

Atlanta can get very hot, muggy and humid during the summer. The combination of old fish in the trash and 100F can make for a super stew of maggots and other gross things squirming in the garbage bin. Bugs also come inside, attracted by the A/C, to beat the heat. The other night I watched a big roach wiggle on his back and slowly die his natural death. I think the reason they are so scary is because they are so fast. Their sensory systems are highly acute and they also don't mind running their course right towards you or flying right into your face. I think they embody both fight and flight, not one or the other. They are also brown....I think if they were pink, turquoise or some other attractive color, they wouldn't be so scary. The next time I draw one, it will look prettier.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mail Art in the Summertime

Just drew this today and shipped it off to Tempus projects in Florida for their mail art catalog and exhibit. Not sure what to call it. "Mystery Hug" comes to mind. This is a 7"x7" drawing of my new model Maggie V.