Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fever Faker show in Tampa

So I just finished 5 new paintings for a group show that's in Tampa. The show is called "Fever Fakers" and there are 5 of us from Atlanta representing Youngblood Gallery in the show. The exhibit opens Friday, April 24th at 5Art Gallery in west Tampa. Participating artists are myself, Joe Tsambiras, Sam Parker, Steven Dixey and Christina Vidal. We also created a collective drawing that we turned into a silk screened edition poster as well as a zine. See slideshow of Fever Faker Art.

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  1. Dear Ann Marie,

    This painting was on the cover of the December issue of the Atlantan magazine under the title “House Party”. I do not get the context. It looks as thought the house is on fire.

    lwc, Atlanta