Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lashes for Ankles

Lashes for exposing your ankles, that is what you get if you're caught, when living in the capitol of Somalia. You're also not allowed to wear bras, listen to music or television or have gold teeth. I'm flabbergasted. Well there goes hip hop among other things. Another odd restriction is the banning of the delicious fried Samosa...the triangular shaped food item, as it too closely resembles the Christian trinity.
These new drawings are a base reaction to such extremes, which I find unacceptable, unlivable and unhealthy. I have a problem with extremes in general. Especially when personal beliefs are imposed on others or used as law. As a western artist, I purposely mirror the disconnect between myself and the oppression which happens around the world. I'm interested in drawing young girls, rebellious in nature, floating in a fantasy world where it is safe to live dangerously.

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