Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Website!

For years I had been using this blog as an unofficial website...but I finally have a website up and running with my current work! To view my recent and not so recent artwork, go to Also a local photographer and writer, Isadora Pennington, stopped by my studio this week for a chat and some picture taking. She just featured the studio visit on her blog titled Creative Spaces. You can check out pics of my studio and hints of what I've been working on. See it here: Otherwise, I've begun new work for a solo exhibition that I have lined up at Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, GA, September 2015. I hope to add video and sculpture to my collection of new paintings and plan on collaborating within these genres. I also plan to travel soon to Tucson, AZ to do research/drawings of Saguaro cacti. I've got a boogie man on the brain with cactus parts that I need to get down on paper. More updates on the way. Photo cred above to Isadora.

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  1. I visited on your mentioned URL dear. Great work done by you. I am taking training under Port Macquarie photographer and my last visit with him was in Aboriginal Art gallery. I can’t tell you about my amazing experience in words. I completely enjoyed watching every art there.